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We are an event timing company based in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada (Southern Alberta), specializing in rfid/chip timing services for running and multisport events. We have been timing events both electronically and manually for over 20 years and now use the innovative Race Result equipment that supports bibtag and ankle chips.

We are able to provide services throughout Alberta, into B.C. and Saskatchewan. We have timed events as small as 50 to events as large as 5000.

Our Goal...

Our goal is to help make your event run as smooth as possible, take some presure off you, make sure the participants have an enjoyable experience providing them quick access to their results and by the end of the event make sure it is a major success.

What we do...

We provide a service that includes

  • bib and chip preparation ( with pins)
  • computerized package pickup (or paper pickup lists)
  • package pickup/ raceday entries, changes and transfers
  • a complete start/finish line with ajustable width structure (8' to 25'), banner(s), timing clocks (overhead if using our structure), chute posts and flagging
    • Start/Finishline Structure


    Along with our self contained mobile computer station we supply a complete Start/Finishline structure ( adjustable 8ft to 25ft ) with overhead banner(s) and timing clocks. Finishline chutes, flsgging and a backup video camera as well.


  • a mobile self contained results computer station with printer, generator and internet connection(s)
  • backup video camera
  • supply your announcer with an announcing computer with a manual lookup or connected to an optional set of announcing mats.
  • We arrive race morning 3 hours before start time to setup start/finishline, timing hardware and ensure that all systems are up and running.

Instant Results...

From the moment the first person crosses the finish line searchable categorized results are being posted on line viewable by participants on their cell phones, tablets and computers. We print out ongoing results throughout the race to post for the participants view. As soon as all your required category placings are filled we are able to print out Awards lists so you can start the presentations.

All results are posted to our website before we leave the venue and are available in PDF , html, and searchable xml formats.

We also have capabilities of posting race logo branded Finishers Certificates available in PDF format for download.

Others options include personalized email results, texted results and broadcasting rotating results to a projector or big screen TV that you supply.

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Timing FAQs..

What is Gun Time and what is Chip Time?

Gun Time - Is the official race time and is the time that the runner takes to complete the course from the time the gun was fired.

Chip Time - Is the time that the runner actually takes from the time they crossed the start line to the time they crossed the finish line. 

Why Guntime and Not Chiptime?

As far as the rules of athletic sanctioning bodies are concerned the Gun Time is the important time, and this is what the results and prizes are based on, this is an attempt to uphold the integrity of competition, otherwise the race becomes a time trail where the winner need not be the first person to cross the finish line.

We are however able and willing to if requested by the race organizers, make the chip time the official results and awards

Why did my Chip not Read?

If you have followed the instructions correctly and not crumpled your bib timing chip(s) and pinned your bib to the front of your torso so the chips are oriented up and down (vertically) and your chip was not read the problem may have been you were covering the bib with your arms perhaps clicking you watch as you were approaching the finishline mat readers. All RFID tags are sensitive to moisture (thus the foam cover on the body side of the tag) and your body is 90% moisture so blocking the bib with your arms approaching the line could cause it to not read. We suggest that you wait till you on just over the line to click your watch. If you are not showing on the results PLEASE email us at and let us know, we have a backup video that we can go in and find you and your time . PLEAE SUPPLY Race Name, BIB# and the time you think you crossed the line.

Why does the Bib and chip have to be on the Front?

The chips are read multiple times as you approach the finishline and it takes the strongest signal and posts the time to the timing software. Unfortunately all RFID chips lose the abliity to read well through water and noting that your body is 90% water they are unable to read until after you cross the finishline. Note that having it on your back when crossing start timing mats sometimes will make it not read at all due to the close proximity of the crowd.

More Questions?...Contact us

Have more questions? Please email us or call us at 403.331.8514

Contact us by email at or phone 403.331.8514